Fixed Screed Paver in Georgia

As asphalt paving and road construction continues to expand as one of the top four national infrastructure industries in the United States, Fabriweld of Tennessee (FOT) is positioning itself to expand its presence in this demanding industry.

Fabriweld of Tennessee was approached in January of 2016 by a major southeastern OEM to develop and manufacture a unique Fixed Screed Paver for the Georgia road construction market.

A screed paver is mounted to the back of an asphalt tractor to produce a smooth, crowned, uniformed thickness of asphalt on the roadway. The details of such a system are complex, requiring not only leveling, compacting and smoothing, but also the critical ‘crowning’ to form a natural runoff for the potential heavy rainfall.
Fabriweld of Tennessee is the ideal company to develop and manufacture such a system. Due to the unique specifications to road preparations in the state of Georgia, FOT’s ability to design, manufacture and assemble the screed, including utilizing wedge lock systems was critical to the success of the project.

Fixed Screed Paver for the Georgia road construction market


After several months of engineering and manufacturing, Fabriweld of Tennessee successfully tested the first Screed Paver in Georgia. Chris Price, President of Fabriweld of Tennessee, was on site to oversee the first demonstration. “We are all thrilled with the results,” said Price at the end of the test.

“Our company specializes in the unique manufacturing skills that are needed for this Screed. From the design, to the machining, fabrication, assembly and the integration, we are pleased with how everything came together on the tractor. We look forward to manufacturing production models and expanding into other various widths of screeds”, commented Price.

Asphalt paving utilizing the Fabriweld Fixed Screed Paver in Georgia began in October 2016.

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